Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Tala! That's the first mer word I learned and, tbh, the only one I can really remember. :D For my non-mer readers, it means "hello".

In this blog, I'll be talking about what I've been up to mer-wise. That could mean Mer Betta products or mer roleplays I'm involved in. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time for the latter. And I'm sure you'd rather I spent more time with the former anyway. :)

Take heart, I plan to start working on mer products again. Since last year (yes, last year!), people have been asking for a white tail and other colors. Prior to that, Azheni Something has been trying me to get make more tails, including pink and torquoise. Of course, Sir Robert2000 Rhode has been giving me that advice all along.

Akasha Wachmann and her friends have kinda given me a deadline -- a mer fashion show in early April. So, after I get done with my current projects, I'll be working on at least one new tail, probably the white one.

And since this is the first blog entry, you might be interested in a little bit of Mer Betta history.

I really blame it all on a dear friend Paradox Olbers, who invited me last July to the concierge party thrown by Linden Lab for concierge-level members. Anyway, the theme was "underwater". So, I figured I'd be a mermaid. And so started my search for a good mermaid tail. But I didn't want to spend too much, since I was only going to wear it for one day. Well, okay, maybe for Halloween too.

The cheapest I found was 150L for the top and tail. I had to buy the animation overrider elsewhere for another 150L. Well, I wasn't quite happy with the tail. Actually, that was an understatement. So, long story short, by the time I got to the party the next day, the only "original equipment" from the purchased tail was the pants. And the AO, of course; I was happy with the AO.


People at the party loved my tail! At least two people asked me where I bought it. I gave them the landmark, but told them that only the pants are from there. With all the good reviews, I remained a mermaid for a week. And I got two more people asking where they could buy it. One wanted to buy it off my back.

So I created my own texture for the pants, cleaned up the other pieces some more, packaged the whole thing, and repeated the process for three more tails. I talked to Akasha about a spot at the Mermaid Mall and was floored by her and Duck's generosity. That was in August 2007. With encouraging results from that first month, I created four more tails with more subdued colors.

Akasha has been been incredibly instrumental in Mer Betta's success. And she continues to be so, as are her new partners at the new Mer Mall.

I still have projects going on, but I'm making time for this. And, speaking of time, it's time for me to shut up and get back to work. :D

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