Monday, April 6, 2009

A tutorial, a portal, a worry, a pleasant surprise

So, I (finally!) put together a tutorial on fitting. I had originally wanted to do this in a machinima, but since I have yet to find time to record in Fraps and learn how to edit video, I figured this would be faster.

In the process, I figured I should create a nice portal, instead of having the domain point directly to this blog. So, there I was, looking for a free website host. And, as I tried to create the site in Google Sites, Google tells me that I couldn't use that name. Curious....

So, I did some investigating and it turned out that there is a user who uses "". I still have to figure out who that is, and I don't know if Google would tell me. I searched all over Google before adopting that name almost two years ago to make sure it wasn't in use. I'd hate to think there's someone out there with not-so-honorable intentions for stealing the trademark.

Well, I did a Google search to see if I could dig up clues and found some (unrelated) pleasant surprises. (Yeah, I get distracted easily. LOL) I found a couple more blog entries from customers about Mer Betta products. And here's the big surprise: The Second Style magazine has two pictures of Mer Betta tails in their 22nd issue! They're on pages 24 (Mer Betta Pasithea) and 32 (four of the colored tails). You can also see them here in a nice two-page format:

Isn't that cool? Mer Betta is now officially haute couture! *grins*

But, anyway, back to the original topic.... (Did I mention I get distracted easily?) Simply go to to get to the portal page for everything Mer Betta. The tutorial is in the "Fitting tutorial" link.