Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mer Betta Series 4 tails are here!

And you thought I only made tails once a year. :D


The following tails are now available at the Mer Betta main store:
- Mer Betta Chryseis Rose Platinum Halfmoon v3.1c
- Mer Betta Nemertes Green Patina Halfmoon v3.1c
- Mer Betta Simoeis Blue Gold Super Delta v3.1c
- Mer Betta Zeuxo Black Copper Halfmoon v3.1c
Also available are the matching Mer Betta Intimates ~ Crescent add-on packs.

Zeuxo is my favorite in this series. It's glamorous; it's sophisticated. It's your fabulous little black dress interpreted as a mermaid tail.
Mer Betta™ Zeuxo

A close second is Nemertes, which has caudal fins that look like satin.
Mer Betta™ Nemertes

Each of these have scales in two colors, so you get almost twice as many pieces. The second scale color gave me an excuse to add a male model in the ads (that's my male alt HiHo), so mermen don't think that Mer Betta is only for mermaids.


Since the inception of Mer Betta, I've kept the prices the same both inworld and on XStreet, even though XStreet charges a commission on each sale. One reason for that is because I depend on XStreet for the gifting process, so that people can buy a Mer Betta tail for someone else.

Recently, XStreet announced additional fees for listing items on their website, on top of the commission they already get.

I'm already in the process of setting up Mer Betta in alternative e-commerce sites and I'll post those sites here and on the Mer Betta website.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but I'm considering using a different price structure for commissioned sales to encourage people to buy inworld instead. However, I won't do that until I have an inworld gifting process in place.

Let me know what you think.


I had to reconfigure the main store to make room for these new tails. As I make more products, I'll have to reconfigure the store again or make the vendors smaller. However, I have already been thinking of phasing out the old tails (Series 1 and Series 2). I haven't decided when yet, but it will be before the end of August 2010. By then, they'll be three years old. In SL years, that's ancient. :)