Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nominated for the 2013 Avi Choice Awards

"Congratulations!  You have been nominated by your fans for the 2013 Avi Choice Awards in the category of Favorite Merfolk Creator.  The voting period ends on Dec. 13th and the awards show will take place at the Xmas Expo 2013 regions on Dec. 15th @ 3pm SLT."

I received a notecard with this message from AviChoice Resident yesterday.

At first, I thought it might be one of those voting contests where you had to pay to vote, but I went to the website ( and saw names of some avies whom I trust. And the voting didn't cost money. In fact, you vote right at the website (The "Favorite Merfolk Creator" section is near the bottom or just search the page for "Opal Lei"). So, it's probably legitimate.

But, well, I'm in a conundrum.

First, I have not created any new Mer Betta product for at least two years now. I have been focused on other projects, including my book, so I haven't had time. And I may not have much time for a long while, because my RL is very different now.

Second, I had been toying with the idea of creating mesh tails when I would have time again, but then the TOS issue came up, so I am actually in the process of recreating my products in Kitely and other OpenSim grids. The lack-of-time issue is also a factor in that.

Third, my Mer Betta mailing list has pretty much dwindled down.

So, I really am reluctant to ask my customers for a vote, when I have not done anything for them lately.

On the other hand, the Avi Choice website said that the nominees had to receive at least three nominations to be included in the list, so I also feel reluctant to withdraw from the contest and disappoint those 3+ fans (and who knows how many more) who honored me immensely with their nominations.

So, I am leaving it up to fate and to you, my dear readers and fans and customers and friends.

If you choose to vote, please vote with honesty and integrity. If you choose to vote for me, thank you very, very much. If you choose to vote for someone else who deserves your vote, thank you very, very much too.

What I truly value is not the vote or the award. What I truly value is your confidence in me, your decision to purchase my products, and your friendship. For that, you have my deepest gratitude.