Friday, July 23, 2010

Mer Betta in Second Style Magazine again!

This is the third time Mer Betta has been featured in Second Style Magazine and I am really honored!

You'll find the article on Mer Betta on page 58 and 59 in Issue #37:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last call for the RFL2010-Owain tail

This weekend is it... July 17-18, the final Relay for Life event. THE event. THE relay.

After this weekend, all RFL vendors will be taken down, and you will no longer get a chance to purchase the RFL-exclusive products, unless the merchants decide to set them up again next year.

I, for one, will not set up the RFL2010-Owain tail and add-ons up for sale again after the RFL is over this year, no matter how much you beg. So this is your last chance.

It's available at the Mer Betta main store and at the RFL relay track.

Mer Betta "RFL2010-Owain" base pack