Sunday, December 20, 2009

Emerald bug revisited

As I write this blog, the Mer Betta Shipping Department ;) is sending out packages with updated components for the Series 3 v3c and Series 4 v3.1c tails. The updated components (leg smoother and tail fins) will have "v3ce" and "v3.1ce" in the names. The only difference is that the scale textures are 256x256 pixels, instead of 32x32 as in the original version. You won't see a difference just by looking at them.

This update is a workaround for the Emerald texture bug. I realized that even though the developer of Emerald offered a workaround for the viewer to work well, not everybody around you might know about the problem and, therefore, not see the tail correctly. So, even though you're not using Emerald yourself, you might want to wear these components anyway for others around you who might be using Emerald.

Please keep the original versions of those components, however. When Emerald is fixed, the original components help with lag since the textures are smaller.

If you don't receive the package with the updated components, please contact me inworld.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mer Betta Zeuxo is featured in Mermaid Temple machinima

Kyota Spitteler sent me the link to her new holiday machinima. And she's wearing the new Mer Betta Zeuxo Black Copper tail! She looks lovely in it!

Watch it here:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Warning: Texture bug in Emerald

I've had two people report this bug to me recently. It seems that when viewed using the Emerald viewer, the textures on the sculpted prims are changed.

A week or so ago, Archis Writer contacted me about the color of her tail changing everyday. It was she who thought it was the Emerald viewer because when she met with me, she saw that the tail I was wearing had the same problem and I was seeing both of us just fine. I wondered if it might also be her Windlight settings, but I didn't pursue that possibility.

Today, Gavin Wrexan sent me this photo of his tail:
(Published with permission from Gavin Wrexan.)

Thinking it was a corrupted inventory, I sent him a fresh copy, but he said that even the new copy had problems. So, I met with him and he rezzed his tail. We both took pictures and the tail looks different between the two pictures.

What I saw:

What Gavin saw:
(Published with permission from Gavin Wrexan.)

He is using Emerald and he had already tried clearing his cache, so I'm now convinced that it's Emerald. If I hear from someone having texture problems using the latest SL client, then it might be the SL API that Emerald is based on. I'm still on the 1.22.11 version of the LL client, since the newest version of the LL client and the Emerald client are making me lag down to 4 fps.

I'm not sure how to file bugs for the Emerald client. I've asked Gavin to report the bug and I can't remember if I've asked Archis as well. I'll post more information here if I find out more.

2009 Dec 8 UPDATE

Aviendha Vayandar encountered the same problem and she tested it on the latest SL client (v1.23.5). It looked fine there, and when she returned to Emerald, it was fine in Emerald again.

I wondered if the bug was caused by the texture being on sculpted prims or by the texture being tiny (32x32 pixels). Aviendha noted that when the texture was corrupted, what she saw in the texture box of the edit window is a small yellow spot in the top left corner (she has the Byzia tail) and the rest of the texture box was red. When the texture was fixed, the entire texture box was the correct yellow texture. So, it's more likely that the bug has to do with the tiny size of the texture.

Aviendha has graciously filed a bug here, and I sent an email to the developer.

And I thought I was helping cut down on lag by using small textures where I could. Who knew I'd trigger an obscure bug? :D

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mer Betta Series 4 tails are here!

And you thought I only made tails once a year. :D


The following tails are now available at the Mer Betta main store:
- Mer Betta Chryseis Rose Platinum Halfmoon v3.1c
- Mer Betta Nemertes Green Patina Halfmoon v3.1c
- Mer Betta Simoeis Blue Gold Super Delta v3.1c
- Mer Betta Zeuxo Black Copper Halfmoon v3.1c
Also available are the matching Mer Betta Intimates ~ Crescent add-on packs.

Zeuxo is my favorite in this series. It's glamorous; it's sophisticated. It's your fabulous little black dress interpreted as a mermaid tail.
Mer Betta™ Zeuxo

A close second is Nemertes, which has caudal fins that look like satin.
Mer Betta™ Nemertes

Each of these have scales in two colors, so you get almost twice as many pieces. The second scale color gave me an excuse to add a male model in the ads (that's my male alt HiHo), so mermen don't think that Mer Betta is only for mermaids.


Since the inception of Mer Betta, I've kept the prices the same both inworld and on XStreet, even though XStreet charges a commission on each sale. One reason for that is because I depend on XStreet for the gifting process, so that people can buy a Mer Betta tail for someone else.

Recently, XStreet announced additional fees for listing items on their website, on top of the commission they already get.

I'm already in the process of setting up Mer Betta in alternative e-commerce sites and I'll post those sites here and on the Mer Betta website.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but I'm considering using a different price structure for commissioned sales to encourage people to buy inworld instead. However, I won't do that until I have an inworld gifting process in place.

Let me know what you think.


I had to reconfigure the main store to make room for these new tails. As I make more products, I'll have to reconfigure the store again or make the vendors smaller. However, I have already been thinking of phasing out the old tails (Series 1 and Series 2). I haven't decided when yet, but it will be before the end of August 2010. By then, they'll be three years old. In SL years, that's ancient. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harper's Sea of Love

Harper Beresford wrote about Mer Betta™ in her blog. I am very flattered! And I must say she set Halimede on fire with her awesome photos! (Click on the pics to view them in Flickr.)

I am incredibly grateful that fashionistas like Harper are beginning to view mermaid tails as another style of fashion, instead of just a costume for roleplay.

Almost since the start, I've imagined Mer Betta tails as ballgowns for the sea. Maybe everybody else is starting to see that too.

And that makes me very happy. :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two years: less sugar, more spice

Intimates line

Yep, Mer Betta is less innocent now. I just released the Mer Betta™ "Crescent" Intimates add-on packs for each of the Series 3 tails (Byzia, Halimede, Lilaea, and Melite).

Mer Betta™ Crescent Intimates add-on for Byzia

Look for the small boxes under the main vendors for each tail at the main store or at any of the satellite stores. You can also find them on

New terms for the Limited Edition

Since I didn't get any responses for the Limited Edition for the August 15 deadline, I've set it out for sale. It will still be a limited edition tail, and no more than ten licenses will be sold. But anybody can purchase a license anytime until all ten licenses are sold. You can go back to the stores and click on the ads to get the notecard with the new terms. Or you can view them in the Mer Betta website.

Yes, the package now includes the Crescent Intimates add-on pack too.

Terrible twos!

Mer Betta turned two yesterday! I set out the first Mer Betta vendors in the old Mer Mall on August 10, 2007 around 10pm SLT! And the first Mer Betta tail sold at 12:20am on August 11.

So, to celebrate this two-year anniversary, all the Series 1 and Series 2 tails are rolled back to their version 1 prices (400L) until August 31. Only at the Mer Betta main store and on

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Byzia featured in Fantasy Fair photo contest winner

(I know, I know, this is late news, not *late-breaking* news. I just noticed Ember Farina's comment on it in Flickr. :) )

Lyssa Varun took some great photos in the Fantasy Fair this year, wearing the Mer Betta Byzia Gold Delta tail, and her photo won first place!

Congratulations, Lyssa!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mer Betta is on Twitter

I just created a Twitter account for Mer Betta. I don't know what I'll be putting on it, but it'll probably be mostly about the mer community in Second Life®. Come and follow me if you're on Twitter.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Introducing the first Mer Betta Limited Edition tail

Mer Betta™ Limited Edition Melite-Polaris Periwinkle

"Mer Betta Limited Edition Melite-Polaris Periwinkle Halfmoon mermaid ensemble".... I know, it's a mouthful. :D

This tail is a significant milestone in Mer Betta history. It's the first recolor that I'm releasing. And it's the first limited edition tail. Whether it will be the only limited edition tail will depend on how well this is received.


Up till now, I have been reluctant to do any recoloring of Mer Betta tails for two reasons:

1) Recoloring, if not done properly, washes out the nuances in the texture and makes it look like it's been splattered with thick paint. I just now figured out how to do it right.

2) I wanted to stay true to nature. That's the awesomeness of these tails; Mer Betta showcases nature's beauty.

However, I seriously considered making this tail because I've received many requests for a purple tail and purple bettas are rare.

Limited edition

This recolor was a request from a loyal customer who said, "I just hate when I show up in the same tail as another mer". She initially wanted a one-of-a-kind. However, either it would be too expensive for her, or it would be a loss of potential income for me, based on the history of sales of the Version 2 tails. So, as a compromise, we agreed to make it a limited edition tail instead.

We are hoping for a minimum of six participants. But no more than 10 copies of this tail will be sold -- ever.

If you're interested, please go to the Mer Betta main store in Dunbeath and touch the ad with the same texture as above. You'll get a notecard explaining the details and another notecard embedded inside it that you fill out and return to me if you're interested in purchasing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Disruption on XStreet

My apologies if you tried to search for the new Mer Betta tails on earlier today and didn't find them.

I received twenty trademark violation reports today (both for Mer Betta and Ms.O.Lei-ny) and LL deactivated those listings without specifying which terms or phrases or images were trademark violations.

The listings are active again. LL is currently investigating to determine if those reports were generated by a bug in the system. If it's not a bug, then it might be an act of griefing/harassment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fantasy Faire video by Kyota

It seems that the mer sim at the Fantasy Faire isn't getting enough publicity. Methinks landwalkers are afraid of the deep....

But Kyota Spitteler created a promotional video of the mer sim! Check it out!

Fantasy Faire opens its doors to the public two hours from now. Be sure to get to the mer sim to see it for yourself.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New tails, new store preview, Fantasy Faire


This is going to be a quick and dirty announcement because I'm still cramming to finish decorating the Mer Betta booth at the Fantasy Faire which starts on Monday June 15.

But I wanted you to get the news a day early:
- new store preview
- four new tails
- Fantasy Faire


Mer Betta's main store is moving to a new location:

I'm still not quite done with this store; I need to add signs, notices, group inviters and whatnot. It won't be announced in the old store and in other locations until I'm done with the fit-and-finish stuff.

Why should you visit this new store now?
- new tails (only available at this location and the Fantasy Faire until after the faire is over)
- reduced prices on old colored tails (now 550L, instead of 650L)
- secret sale of Pastithea White Moon Bridal (currently 1,000L, instead of 1,600L) until the end of June

Warning: Watch out for the hungry pelican on the shore.


- Mer Betta Byzia Gold Delta
- Mer Betta Halimede Red Halfmoon
- Mer Betta Lilaea Green Rosetail
- Mer Betta Melite Turquoise Halfmoon

I'm calling these "Version 3" although they're very similar to the v2 tails, except for the following:
* enhanced scales with better shading
* pasties version of breast covering

More tails are in the pipeline, as well as add-on products. Stay tuned.


This event is a fundraiser for RFL and starts on Monday June 15 and runs until the 21st. I'm frantically decorating the Mer Betta booth now, but you'll see it at this location on Monday:

Well, that wasn't quick and dirty, but more details in the Mer Betta website and in this blog blog later this week.

/me goes back to frantically cramming.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Squeezing among the pirates

Mer Betta has a new store at the new Role Play Market sim.

Actually, Mer Betta is the first mer tail merchant there, and, in fact, the first mer *anything* merchant there. The owner said he would add "mer" to the search keywords for the sim and to other marketing stuff for the sim.

Meanwhile, go find the Pirates section and you'll see it there.

/me elbows her way through the throng of pirates.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mer Betta Pasithea is in WedEx'09

WedEx'09 is a wedding expo that's going on now until May 10. Mer Betta has a booth set up. I'll also be showing the Pasithea at the fashion show today at 2pm SLT. The fashion show stage is on the upper deck from the landing point.

If you visit the booth, buy the Mer Betta fund jar for 0L. Besides getting a copy of the fund jar (which you probably already have if you picked it up from the main store), you'll get a new jewelry set in it that I created under the Ms.O.Lei-ny brand. After WedEx'09, this new jewelry set will be available again after I open the new Mer Betta main store. (Yup, Mer Betta is moving, so join either the Mer Betta SL group or slap the red sign near the landing point of the current main store to join the Mer Betta HippoGroup so you'd know when it opens. Yes, there'll be new products. :) )

More news:
* Mer Betta gets a bigger booth at the Mermaid Temple!
* If you haven't already, come and join the SL Merfolk group which Azaiya Aeon created in Ning. Maybe we can pull all the SL mer communities together.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A tutorial, a portal, a worry, a pleasant surprise

So, I (finally!) put together a tutorial on fitting. I had originally wanted to do this in a machinima, but since I have yet to find time to record in Fraps and learn how to edit video, I figured this would be faster.

In the process, I figured I should create a nice portal, instead of having the domain point directly to this blog. So, there I was, looking for a free website host. And, as I tried to create the site in Google Sites, Google tells me that I couldn't use that name. Curious....

So, I did some investigating and it turned out that there is a user who uses "". I still have to figure out who that is, and I don't know if Google would tell me. I searched all over Google before adopting that name almost two years ago to make sure it wasn't in use. I'd hate to think there's someone out there with not-so-honorable intentions for stealing the trademark.

Well, I did a Google search to see if I could dig up clues and found some (unrelated) pleasant surprises. (Yeah, I get distracted easily. LOL) I found a couple more blog entries from customers about Mer Betta products. And here's the big surprise: The Second Style magazine has two pictures of Mer Betta tails in their 22nd issue! They're on pages 24 (Mer Betta Pasithea) and 32 (four of the colored tails). You can also see them here in a nice two-page format:

Isn't that cool? Mer Betta is now officially haute couture! *grins*

But, anyway, back to the original topic.... (Did I mention I get distracted easily?) Simply go to to get to the portal page for everything Mer Betta. The tutorial is in the "Fitting tutorial" link.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New logo and new store

Mer Betta has a new logo! Here are the two versions: one rectangular and one square.

The new logo incorporates that distinctive Mer Betta silhouette, specifically the Pasithea silhouette, with the big fins, arm fins, and boob fins. The back fins don't really show in that angle of the silhouette, but I *was* wearing them when I took that picture.

You'll be seeing more of this new logo moving forward as I slowly replace the old one.

If you don't remember the old one, here's what it used to look like.

The Atargatis tail in the old logo is actually the pre-release version. It had only two tail fins, instead of four, and it was pre-sculpties. So it really isn't representative of Mer Betta anymore.

Although Atargatis was the signature tail that launched Mer Betta in August 2007, Pasithea is Mer Betta's flagship product now.

New store

I also have a new store at the bottom of the new "Animate This" store. You might need to re-map the target when you get there because you'll be taken to the landing point. Here's the SLURL:

There are two ways to get there from the landing point:
1. Face the "Animate This" store and turn left just before you get to the door and jump off the pier. Turn towards the ship wreck and go past it. You'll see it there.
2. You can take the scenic route and go inside the "Animate This" store and then jump into the pool. :D Then walk towards the ship wreck.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Tail Sale - Mar 15 to 18

(I knew I was forgetting something. I put out the ad signs and sent the notice out to the Mer Betta SL group and the Mer Betta HippoGroups, but forgot to blog about it!)

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, the two green tails (Amphitrite and Ianthe) are both on sale until end of day Wednesday. And only at the Mer Betta main store.

And if you notice a mer resident in the rocks nearby, that was a gift from Kyota Spitteler and created by Joy Kurosawa. Ain't she a beauty?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mer Betta celebrates love...

Mer Betta Valentine ad - sunset

Yup, a sale again. This one is limited to the two red tails (Tethys and Rhodea) and the bridal tail (Pasithea). The red tails are 400L each (regularly 650L) and Pasithea is 1000L (regularly 1600L).

I created two ads for this sale to place near my vendors and I couldn't decide which one is better. Let me know what you think. You can click on the pics to go to Flickr for a better view.

Mer Betta Valentine ad - retro

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Off OnRez

Because Linden Lab announced that they have acquired both XStreet (SLX) and OnRez and that they will be closing down OnRez, I've taken my products offline in OnRez.

The same products are still available in XStreet and inworld.