Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Since I made Pasithea with a sculpty tail and smoother, I figured I might as well upgrade the older tails as well. So, if you've been to a Mer Betta store lately, you would have seen the new ones.

And, since it always bugged me that I always end up in the sky when I'm "flying" underwater, I wrote a script to keep me just near the surface. I still bounce up a bit when I stop, but I easily get back to the right altitude with a single Page Down. You get that same script with your Version 2 tails.

Now, if you own one of the old Mer Betta tails, you can upgrade several ways. This is a bit tricky with so many options, so follow the steps carefully. (Note: You should have received these instructions by notecard too.)

1 - Decide if you want a 100L rebate on each upgrade.
(Okay, this is the easiest decision you'll make in this entire process.) If you want the rebate, fill out the Mer Betta survey. You only have to fill it out once, no matter how many Mer Betta tails you own. The survey asks for your avatar name so I can keep track of your rebate eligibility, but I don't track your IP address. SurveyMonkey only allows 100 responses for each survey on a free account.

2 - Decide if you want transferrable or copyable.
Choose transferrable if you intend to give away or resell the tail sometime in the future. However, a copyable version has more benefits:
* If SL borks and eats up your inventory, I can send you a fresh copy at no charge.
* You can have several copies for different configurations, especially if you like modifying the tail to customize it.
* You get extra copies of the SkimSurfaceSimple script to use in other tails as long as they're modifiable. And you get free updates for the script too.
* However, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges on copyable items.

a. If you want transferrable (like the old tails), go to Step "3 - Transferrable".

b. If you want copyable, go to Step "4 - Trade Up to Copyable".

3 - Transferrable
Go to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amberaldus/86/162/451 and purchase an upgrade pack for your tail. And that's it! All done! If you filled out the survey, I'll send you a rebate automatically. If you don't receive the rebate within a week of filling out the survey and purchasing the upgrade pack, send me IM.

4 - Trade Up to Copyable
a. If you want the new tail NOW and you can afford a temporary cash outlay, purchase the Version 2 of a tail you already own. Then go to Step "5 - Pack Your Old Tail". (Note: You MUST purchase the same tail. You cannot trade in an Eione v1 if you purchase a Galene v2c.) If you own multiple Mer Betta tails, you can trade up one tail this way, wait for the refund+rebate, then trade up the next one.
b. If you cannot afford a cash outlay and you don't mind not having a tail for a day or two, go to Step "5 - Pack Your Old Tail" and include a notecard titled "Want new tail, not Lindens".

5 - Pack Your Old Tail
5.1 Make sure that you have your tail pieces sorted out by product; i.e.: All Amphitrite pieces in one folder, all Rhodea pieces in another folder, etc.
5.2 Check to make sure you have a complete set in each folder:
- undershirt
- underpants
- socks
- leg smoother (1 prim)
- tail (5 prims)
- upper leg fin (1 prim)
- lower leg fin (1 prim)
- left arm fin (1 prim)
- right arm fin (1 prim)
- chest fins (2 prims)
5.3 If you modified any of the pieces, make sure there are no extraneous prims in it. If there are extra prims on the tail, I may or may not return them. So, if you added 5 carats of diamonds to your tail, then I get to keep them. ;)
5.4 Keep the "Modify" box checked for all pieces.
5.5 (optional) If you want a new tail back, instead of Lindens, create a notecard titled "Want new tail, not Lindens" and put it in the folder.
5.6 Rename the folder to the following format: "TradeUp: <your avatar name> <name of product as it was before>" For example: "TradeUp: Opal Lei Mer Betta Eione Midnight"
NOTE: Please do NOT pack your tail in a box.

6 - Send the folder to HiHo Silvera
Yup, don't send it to Opal. HiHo is my testing alt and has a much cleaner inventory, so it would be easier to find whatever you send. :)
6.1 Go to Search > People.
6.2 Type "HiHo Silvera" and click Search.
6.3 Drag the folder from your inventory to her profile.
NOTE: No use friending HiHo since none of her friends can see her anyway. Besides, why would you want to friend a little work horse? ;)

7 - Wait
I know, I know, this is the hardest part of the entire process. I'll process the trade-ups in batches at least once a day until I start travelling at the end of the month. After that, it will be less frequent, depending on how often I can get internet access. I'll update this blog with my travel schedule once it's firmed up.

You'll know that I've started processing when you get a notice from SL that HiHo accepted your inventory offer.

If you wanted Lindens back, you'll get 400L for each mermaid ensemble traded up. If you filled out the survey, you'll get another 100L. These amounts will be sent separately.

If you wanted a new tail back, you'll get instructions on how to get the new tail for 250L (or 150L if you filled out the survey prior to sending the old tail).

That's it! Any questions, feel free to IM me.

REMINDER: The survey only takes 100 responses.

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